Stevenage Circuits purchase Nuvogo™ 800 DI

UK PCB manufacturer Stevenage Circuits has purchased a next-generation Direct Imaging system, Nuvogo™ 800, from our partner Orbotech.  The system was delivered in the first quarter of 2015.

Powered by MultiWave Laser Technology™, the Nuvogo™ 800 is capable of imaging on almost every resist type, affording maximum flexibility for PCB makers whilst reducing operating costs – and for Stevenage Circuits, who were seeking to increase overall productivity and fully convert to digital imaging, the system offered a cost effective and high efficiency solution.

SCL specialises in the manufacture of high reliability PCBs for the aerospace, medical and industrial sectors and Managing Director Mr Brown explained: “Our customers are constantly pushing for tighter tolerances for both track and gap, and for positional accuracy. To accommodate these requests, our management team decided that the entire manufacturing process should be digital.”

Following a visit to Orbotech’s LIS facility in Jena, Germany, and subsequent trials, the Nuvogo 800 with its superior MultiWave Technology was the obvious choice, he said, adding: “Compared to other available solutions, only the Orbotech Nuvogo 800’s MultiWave laser can enable us to produce tight solder dams at the highest quality. It was clear that this system would enhance the capability options for our customers,” he commented.


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