Orbotech – Paragon Laser Direct Imaging Family

Paragon Laser Direct Imaging Family

Orbotech’s field-proven Paragon systems feature state-of-the-art capabilities, achieving new levels of powerful LDI performance for high accuracy and fast throughput imaging. Using LSO (Large Scan Optics) Technology – yield improvement is achieved even on the most difficult jobs of QTA & Sampling as well as HDI & Rigid-Flex/Flex applications.

Offering full compatibility with existing production processes, the systems are capable of imaging on any type of UV-sensitive media, including dry and liquid resists with high throughput. With Paragon, manufacturers can image inner or outer layers, SBU, flex PCBs and solder mask.


  • Superior registration accuracy with dynamic imaging modes
  • High throughput solution
  • Highly flexible, maskless digital imaging increases image quality and production yield
  • The shortest time-to-market
  • High depth-of-focus of ³±300μm for single scan on any distorted PCB topography
  • Simple operation

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