Orbotech – Ink Jet Legend Printers

Sprint Ink Jet Legend Printers

Orbotech’s inkjet legend printers deliver the highest performance of PCB legend printing. Offering superior quality at high-throughput, the Sprint models can print on a wide range of panel thicknesses. Using Orbotech’s unique UCI Technology™, Sprint inkjet legend printers allow printing and curing on the same system, saving valuable production time and costs, and increasing yields. No ink is wasted before, during or after the printing process, resulting in the lowest cost of ink per print.


  • Superior quality at high speed
  • Prints the smallest features: lines and spaces down 3 mil and characters down to 0.5 mm height
  • Excellent and uniform area fill
  • Straight lines in any angle
  • Multiple serialization and bar code options
  • Automatical optical alignment and stretching control
  • Registration accuracy of ±35μm
  • High depth-of-focus of 1.5 mm for printing over uneven surfaces
  • A wide range of panel thicknesses – from 0.1mm up to 8.5 mm thickness
  • UCI (UV Curing Integrated) Technology for cycle time reduction and perfect drop control

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