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Frontline is a global leader in pre-production CAM and engineering software solutions for the PCB industry. Changes in technology, customer expectations and the PCB market mean that planning the way you plan PCB production has never been more critical. Frontline’s automated Engineering solutions can cost-effectively transform your pre-production department into the central powerhouse of the PCB facility, where quality, consistency, throughput and speed are key decision-drivers. Streamline your front end to simplify planning tasks and discover a lasting solution to production bottlenecks.


InSight PCB – Fast and accurate web-based pre-CAM solution. InSight PCB™ is a tool for managing and assessing incoming customer PCB data for non CAM experts. From automatically retrieving comprehensive product information to generating precise summary reports, InSight PCB™ empowers Sales and Engineering people to work more independently, efficiently and profitably.

InPlan – A fully integrated engineering system for optimal PCB manufacturing workflows. InPlan combines engineering know-how with automated pre-production planning tools to deliver reliable, standardized solutions and accelerate time to market.

InStack – An automatic stackup designer dedicated to generating the best possible stackups for quality, manufacturability and price. Fully integrated width industry-leading impedance modelers, inStack keeps designs within manufacturing whole dramatically cutting cycle times.

InSolver – Impedance field solver. Powered by Mentor Graphics HyperLynx® technology, InSolver™ is a cost-effective impedance solution that enables fast and accurate stackup and impedance modeling for a wide range of PCB geometries.

InCoupon – Automatic impedance coupon generator. InCoupon® delivers accurate impedance coupon layout designs while leveraging your existing CAM and Engineering applications. You’ll notice the difference instantly – fast design and output, top quality coupons and the smallest possible coupon footprint on the panel.

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